Friday, 18 May 2012

Number 95 interview

Well Hello Again!

Today I had a wonderful interview with Louise Gourley owner of Number 95  in Dundee.

Number 95 is Dundee's Hidden gem, it is an exclusive day spa, that is family run and will be expanding next year. 
Louise and her family run clinical therapies and are spinal and hormonal specialist with 13 years experience. 

This beautiful day spa provides; facials, manicures and pedicures, massages, reflexology, aromatherapy, indian head massage and reiki.

When relaxing and enjoying these fantastic therapies they use there own Number 95 all natural products, which are made in Dundee. 

Number 95 also provide wonderful pamper parties, Hen parties, a romantic pamper for two and corporate wellness sessions. 

I can happily tell you that i had my birthday there and me and 8 friends were pampered to the eyeballs and I have never felt so great! we were welcomed into this beautiful place, popped straight into dressing gowns, and all given a glass of wine! 
After that we were each pampered to our choice of two therapies, and about half way through the day we had cupcake decorating with the Scarlett Bakery and then were fed a sumptuous buffet. i highly recommend a party or even just one treatment i have never felt better!

After chatting to Louise about her business i then asked her about Dundee;

Q: Why did you choose Dundee? 

A: "I was brought up in Dundee and when I had my children I wanted them to go somewhere decent. Also it is just the most beautiful place in the world to me, there is no where else in Scotland where I am 90mins away from 90% of Scotland. Every time I step out my fount door I am confronted with the Tay estuary's beauty and it just takes my breathe away.'

Q: Where is your favourite place in Dundee?

A: "Balgay Hill, withut a doubt. it has some of the best views, most beautiful trees and a wonderful public observatory, which is pretty rare."

Quote: "I have travelled the world and could have settled anywhere but I chose Dundee..."

Last but not least, A Massive thank you to Louise! Thank you for Supporting Dundee and being a Dundee Hero!

 Photo by Louise Beattie
 Photo by Louise Beattie
 Photo by Louise Beattie
 Photo by Louise Beattie
 Photo by Louise Beattie
Photo by Louise Beattie 
Louise Gourley. Photo by Fern Slater-Walters

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