Sunday, 6 May 2012

Alice Dress!

Well hello again!
I am very excited today as I will be posting about my contribution for the Dundee fashion show this year!

This year we had a module called garment construction, which is the drawing, cutting, and construction of clothing.

Our brief for the fashion this year was to design a dress for our client! Who I am very happy to announce is Alice ! And she is a band member of... The Hazey Janes!!!

They are a band from Dundee who are just fab!
Check out there website for more infor on them.

We met with Alice to discuss what she wanted in a dress and her likes and dislikes.

We then produced a few designs for her to choose. She chose the winner of the dress that she will be wearing on the catwalk this year and she also chose a design from each of us.

I am happy to say that my design was highly commended! (my drawing is below)

After we got our designs back we started to make it. From taking a basic shift dress pattern and turning it into our designs.

We drew,cut and sewed and I am very proud to I have just finished dying my fabric!!

Will post again when my dress is finished!!!!

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