Monday, 8 April 2013


Hello Everyone,
I am now back from the Shetlands sorry I didn't post much, as you can imagine 3G and wifi weren't always easy to come across.

This first post is about the stunning landscape in Shetland the. I will do another on some of the amazing craft people that I met while I was up there. The next few pictures were taken all over the island.

My plan ride over, have to say that I was really impressed with my phone at this point for being able to capture the propellers :)

Apart from one or two bigger towns most of the houses on the island are sporadic, yet the sense of community is very strong even humbling.

This is a view from the B&B where I stayed, it is just stunning took my breathe away every morning. 
This is Brig beach (I think) and is in East Burra. this is a little hidden treasure but well worth a visit.

The same beach as before but a close up, it has stunning white sand and those foot prints on the right were the only ones on the beach before us!

This is Near Sumbrough and is a drive by beach photo, unfortunately we didn't have time to visit it but it is on my list for next time! and yes the water really is that clear all over the island.

This is St Ninina's Beach just about Sumbrough and is the most photographed beach on the island, and to be honest I can understand why, this beach stretched out for a mile and the sea meets on both sides.
This is close to the Ferry crossing to Yell, I know that it looks a little bleak but apparently when you get to the other side it is stunning and lots of things to do.
the scenery is stunning but up here there are very few houses, I don't know if I could take the isolation

This is just a quick snap, I love the colours and we were so lucky with weather!

Well this is end of part one! I will post post part two soon.
Bye for Now!

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